You want to rent a property?

First, make a tenant profile

You want to visit a property?

First, make a 'Tenant profile' with Rentio.


1. Go to

2. Choose a property

3. Click on 'Ik wens een bezoek'

4. Make a 'Tenant Profile' with Rentio

5. Immo VL will sent you an email with further instructions


We try to find the right tenant for the right propery. Therefore we ask you to register first and give us some more details about you. This way, we can match your profile with the property.

We have a match? You will receive an email from Immo VL with further instructions to arrange a visit.

No match? This means we already found someone or your profile doesn't match.

You want to visit another property?

Repeat all the steps and make a new 'Tenant Profile' for every propery you want to visit.


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